[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts: Free software and Latin America_]] ®

[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts_]]

Thursday, October 13, 2005

+ Free software and Latin America +

"In 2002, the then–U.S. Ambassador to Peru John Hilton delivered a threatening letter to the Peruvian congress on behalf of a powerful American private interest. The letter, which was leaked to the press, stated that the Microsoft Corporation and its chairman Bill Gates disapproved of Peruvian politicians debating a proposed law, Special Bill 1609, which favored the use of free software in public administration. Hilton warned its passage would harm U.S.-Peru relations. The bill was quietly dropped after then–Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo was invited by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates to personally receive a donation for a Toledo controlled Peruvian foundation."


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