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[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts_]]

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

+ Venture Capital in OSS +

BusinessWeek has an interesting article on the recent interest of Venture Capitalists in Open Source. Also, a look at some of the latest companies they are supporting. According to the article, the first of three main criteria VCs look at in choosing an open source company is 'community. There has to be a huge amount of interest in it. [MySQL, Zend, and TrollTech] were already incredibly popular [when we invested]. The community is your marketing and evangelism arm. They're going to contribute and make sure this piece of software truly becomes mainstream...


  • California campaigns take to blogging
    In the blog world, polls aren't just polls. They're "stale left leaning media polls!" _ at least according to Rob Stutzman, Gov.
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