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[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts_]]

Monday, May 08, 2006

+ The Code Breakers - Documentary on FOSS and it's Development +

Atlast, BBC World has taken `pains' to find, assemble, do packaging
and air an programme in 2 parts on FOSS's history, development, it's future
and effects to the society on this planet.

I was thinking of suggesting similar kind of stuff for
`National Geographic Channel', `Discovery Channel', `History Channel'. It would
be great if they all air similar kind with more number of programs instead of
airing other kind of programs on Nature, Animals, Automobiles, Computers -
(outdated stuff), `nonsense', etc all the time, which makes viewers bored,
which they too know, i beleive !

They should air programs on Computers, FOSS, GNU, FSF, Richard M Stallman,
Linux Torvalds, etc

Hope, they do in future and that too be done completely and released under GPL !

Thanks for the authors for making and `BBC World' team for airing
this programme.

For complete listing of the schedule for Indian time is as follows -

1/2 Part

11th May Thursday - 01:00 AM

11th May Thursday - 15:00 PM (repeat)

12th May Friday - 22:00 PM (repeat)

15th May Monday- 13:00 PM (repeat)


2/2 Part

18th May Thursday - 01:00 AM

18th May Thursday - 15:00 PM (repeat)

19th May Friday - 22:00 PM (repeat)


Note: The above schedule info was taken from -

Please watch this programme !

Happy FreE OpeN SourcE ;)


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