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[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts_]]

Thursday, June 22, 2006

+ Gonna Sue Google Orkut +

Yes, i am thinking of filiing a lawsuit against Google Orkut for it's strange behaviour with my account which led to losing my account along with friends contacts and communities subscriptions.

This is what has happened to me.

Before Orkut was affiliated with Google, i had an account with it and i had just populated the account details. After Google Inc acquired Orkut, i was unable to login to my Orkut account. I don't have any idea why i couldn't login to my Old Orkut account.

Recently, i asked one of my friend to invite me to join Orkut as it was through invitation only.

I could also create a new account in Orkut using same GMail account which should have stopped me in creating neew Orkut account as i had already one, but Google Orkut didn't !

When i created a new Google Orkut account, i populated with it my details, friends contacts and communities subcriptions.

Recently, Google Orkut asked my whether to use the same login which i use to for new Orkut account or merge it with GMail ID also - i mean to say you can login either Orkut userid / GMail id. I went with option of merging both the account - GMail and Orkut. The result was _really_ bad and ridiculous.

The new Orkut account had been replaced with old Orkut account.
After that whenever i login to Orkut, it use to go to my old Orkut account.
The new Orkut account also existed, i mean to say whoever refers to my new Orkut account, i use to get email for my GMail ID.

I wanted new orkut account as i had populated that which had taken my time and energy.

I deleted my Old Orkut account and my new Orkut account still exists, but i am unable to login to it or use it, but i get emails regarding it.

Summary - Google orkut has serious flaws :

* Why Google Orkut attached two orkut accounts to same GMail ID ?
* Why i am unable to login to the new Orkut account, as it still exists ?
* Why i get emails to my GMail ID for the new Orkut account ?

Totally, Google Orkut has lost my personal data.


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