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[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts_]]

Friday, January 23, 2009

Live and Yahoo! search sucks!

I am again very happy to say that Live search really sucks and would like to say that it does not deserve to be one of the search engines at all. I know that Microsoft could not develop a decent search engine that would meet the Internet users standards.

I am surprised that how verizon chose Live search as their cellphones default search service. Immediately, two things strike me are -

1. Either verizon are dumb guys in chosing best service & providing and/or
2. Microsoft has bribed verizon

If i think more on this, yes, i have got it right that, both of the above are correct ;)

For e.g. - I have provided my website link to Live serach at 15 days ago and still MSNBot hasn't gotten up and started to crawl at all. What has Microsoft written - MSNBot? Moreover, the search results aren't relevant at all. They played a game - when user tries to search the word `Google', they use to add a search button that user can search through live search service above the first google result, this shows how Microsoft as usual being unfair in computer business.

This being the scenario, how does one like Steve Ballmer gets convinced by his company's products, go and strike a deal with others. This seems funny.

I surprised to see that this is the same case in Yahoo! search too for AT&T and T-Mobile. I am not sure on how AT&T and T-Mobile agreed to have Yahoo! search as default search service on their cellphones.

These guys (Microsoft, Yahoo!, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile) are just working to make more money rather than concentrating on technologies that enable usesr to use in full extent and fair manner.

Hey btw, how does users get convinced on the service that being provided by Live Search and Yahoo! Search? Lolz

There are better search engines available worldwide such as Google - which can be rated 10 out of 10 in terms of service standards met for internet users - from clean, simple, fast to the amount of internet content being indexed and managing it.

I am not endorsing or supporting Google here. I am user of internet since 1999 and being using search engines since then and developing them since 2004 or so and found Google as the only one which meet the standards - Fair, Quality, Technology, Clean, Simple and Wow. Till now could not find any other search service like Google, but found unfair little competition from others.

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