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[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts_]]

Friday, May 29, 2009

GTalk web chat bug

Ooops...bugs in Google core products...Anyway, i am an avid user of Google products. Keep encountering many bugs, unavailability of the system, etc..Have taken some screenshots till date..but never blogged about this..from now on i shall blog them as users create bug in bugzilla...;)

Here it goes my official Google bug announcement ;)

Bug Id - 1
Product - GTalk web chat
Platform - SuSE 11.0 GNU/Linux running Mozilla Firefox 3.0b5
Assigned To - GMail Team
Target Milestone - Current
Summary - GTalk web chat bug
Description - When i sent an chat message, the GTalk server threw me a message saying - "Palanisamy did not receive your chat." even tough the my freind was online. After this my friend was able to send me a corresponding chat message reply to me.

Here is the screen shot -

Happy bug fixing GTalk team!

Stay tuned for more strange stuff :)

Happy Googling!


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