[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts: isn't fair - As usual act from Microsoft_]] ®

[[_Bits from ramprasad thoughts_]]

Monday, June 01, 2009

+ isn't fair - As usual act from Microsoft +

Well, today i started reviewing the bing search developed from none other than Microsoft..yes the renamed version of - $ mv

It is really insane how microsoft provides it's services to the users by considering it's competitors into picture. I tell you, this is true for all of it's products. Am i, lying? No, i am not. Try yourself digging!

As i had noted last year (2008), the way and use to provide the search results for the keyword - google, it is the similar unfair been intergrated now to too...

Well, try to search for google in and you see how microsoft is unfair for google..

As you see from the screenshot, shows up only one result for google and provides an option for the users to get more results for google or not.

When the user clicks on "Search for other results containing google", shows up actual full search results for the keyword - google

As you can see here now -

The same thing is now done when you try to search for yahoo..LOL

But, when you try to search for other than google, yahoo, (i am not sure of other words, yet) keyword, then shows up full search results at one shot.

Won't you feel that and in general microsoft being an unfair player here? It is a big _YES_ Microsoft is trying to make users avoid or know less about google. This is not the way to market their products!

I think someone has to stop this...and they will in near future...i feel sick of these kiddish acts....

FYI, google is still _fair_ from the beginning - try


  • BTW that was Anti Microsoft [he he :D]..

    I had tried searching other search engine websits like Yahoo, Google, ASK, Altavista, WebCrawler, DogPile, LyCos and Many more..

    But i guess, this is the way it is designed to Work!

    live in itself is a complex framework and very powerful. [Please see:].

    The bing is a kewl one and lots of improved ways of searching. BTW started as a beta version though..and it was released in San Diego the other day, When GOOGLE tried bring up their WAVE tool by offering all developers [4000+] andriod phones... dirty games!

    And if u see,lots of features from wave was already implemented in IBMSametime.. check it out!.. Though brandname sells.. Dude, end of the day it is all about business.. there was an XEROX era, and then MAC era, SUN era, Yahoo Era, then Microsoft Era and now Google.. neva matter what reall counts is the technology that adds !

    By Blogger sunny, at Monday, June 08, 2009 1:46:00 AM  

  • Well, it's not that bad anymore. I guess they were just at the process of writing code at that time :)
    Currently with 70+ page vies per day and 2% growth rate per month they don't have that anymore =))

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, January 18, 2010 2:31:00 PM  

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